Costly Habits

Makuck fearlessly depects the torments and obsession of Everyman. Further, these flawed characters find a way out of their compulsiveness through enlightened self-evaluation. Taut humor, followed by spare, elegant descriptions of the North Carolina coast and small worlds of people struggling with all-too-human flaws, make this collection a rewarding read
The Carolina Quarterly
All these stories hold up well for several readings, full of strong voiced and sure characters who are all of us making through one more day with gratitude. If you hunger and thirst for the really well wrought short story Costly Habits is a collection to seek and treasure, form a fan club and cheer. The story is alive and well. Thank you, Peter Makuck
Ruth Moose, The Pilot
Trafficking in thematic currency that calls to mind the work of Raymond Carver, Peter Makuck’s new story collection Costly Habits comprises 13 tales focussing on the extraordinary trials facing everyday people. . . There is no escaping the reality that Makuck crafts—a reality that likewise harkens the master minimalist—for it is either take action or be beseiged with unmanageable consequences . . . . Makuck is a writer whose range and insight allows him to fairly depict a variety of circumstances, along the way exposing the futility of avoidance and the necessity of participation
Ty Hawkins, The Fulton Sun
  • Published: 2002
  • Published by: University of Missouri
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